Public Education

Public education is the backbone of our society and a great equalizer. It must be readily available and meet a high standard so that every student in Kentucky has what he or she needs to learn. We must not steal from our future by shortchanging education today.

Economic Development

A community’s economic strength is determined by the availability and diversity of jobs. Workforce development plays a critical role in that regard, as do targeted tax incentives and a strong infrastructure system. All are areas where the state plays a critical role. By partnering with our cities and counties, we can help them keep, create, and lure quality, high-paying jobs.

Agriculture and Farmers

Many may take it for granted, but we must never forget that our farms are the source of our food and that our farmers, though a relatively small part of our workforce, play an outsized role in our economy and in the preservation of our soil and waterways. I hope we never lose our appreciation of this work and the timeless rural traditions that come with it.

The Judicial System and Law Enforcement

Drug abuse has always been with us, but it has been at epidemic levels here in Kentucky since the late 1990s. It has taken away our loved ones; it has filled up our jails and prisons; and it has left far too many children without their parents. The state has passed numerous laws to crack down on dealers while helping addicts get the treatment they need, but this is an ongoing challenge, given the ever-changing battlefield. There is no more pressing criminal justice and healthcare-related issue facing Kentucky today. I want to build on the data-driven solutions that are keeping this issue from being even worse.